XTRA VAPE: DPS 6000 Puffs Kit - Dry Tobacco

Dhs. 65.00
Nicotine Level: 6000 Puffs Kit (20MG)
Estimated delivery time: 5-7 days
Within 45 days of purchase
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    • 6000 puffs pods (available in market as option)
    • 6000 puffs kit (with battery)
    • 20MG
    • Flavors developed by Xtra Vape
    • Small & Compact
    • From 14ml capacity (10ml capacity in select markets)
    • 650mAh Battery (sold separately as extra option)
    • Rechargeable USB-C

    XTRA DPS Allows you to swap pods using the same battery and recharge over 100+ times (based on usage).

  • Vendor Xtra Vape
    Type Electronic Cigarettes
    Nicotine Level 6000 Puffs Kit (20MG)